Elevating Your Event Experience

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At Let it Drop Entertainment, we understand that your event is a unique and special occasion, and we are here to make it truly unforgettable. As a premier DJ and sound services provider in the greater Tampa area, we specialize in creating a seamless and exhilarating atmosphere for your specific event.

Our Goal

Curate an immersive experience.

Our Pride

aesthetics, teamwork and attention to detail.

Our Music

Blend, cut and scratch a diverse range of genres to keep the energy alive.

Creating Unforgettable Moments

See the Vision Create the Plan Enjoy the Day

Our fully custom timeline creation ensures that every moment, from the opening remarks to the final toast, is precisely coordinated, allowing you and your guests to fully immerse yourselves in the experience.

When you choose Let it Drop Entertainment, you're not just hiring a DJ and sound service provider – you're investing in an unforgettable experience that will make your event as extraordinary as it should be.

Our mission is simple: to help you create a memorable atmosphere for your event. 

Our Services

Full Modern Column Speakers, Turntable DJ Mixing, up to 6 wireless mics, Great for parties, functions, and presentations in small to large spaces. Combine with dance and uplighting to tie the whole room together!

Battery operated discrete wireless speaker in separate area playing music of choice.

Hidden and Handheld mics with wireless battery speaker for maximum flexibility and crystal clear sound so every word makes an impact.

Add to your dance floor with light up towers with moving head spot and wash lights.

Tie the whole room together in your colors and enhance the atmosphere.

Take the party to the next level with light up glow sticks that everyone gets to take home!

Battery Operated Speaker, Dj controller setup, and 2 wireless mics. Great for pop up events, business promotions, beach parties and small spaces. Combine with uplighting for a fully remote battery operated party!

Plan to enjoy every moment.

Whether you’re using your phone or computer, you get a user-friendly experience that will make your event planning journey a breeze.

You have the power to add and rearrange all the elements that will make your event truly yours. Plus, you can import playlists of your favorite music seamlessly from your preferred streaming service. What’s even better is that all the music you upload integrates directly into our DJ software!

No more sifting through documents, PDFs, emails, or text messages to coordinate your event details.

Check out our Mixes 

About Steven

Owner| DJ | Audio Engineer | Musician
Passion for music has been the driving force behind Steven DaCosta’s journey. As the founder and owner of Let it Drop Music and Entertainment, Steven has carved out an impressive path. With a lifelong love for music, he has immersed himself in the art, showcasing his talent as both a skilled DJ, engineer and a versatile musician.
Steven’s musical journey began at an early age, with his hands finding harmony on both the guitar and piano. His innate connection with the world of sound eventually led him to the captivating realm of DJing, where he has truly found his groove. Since 2003, Steven has been captivating audiences with his seamless mixes and infectious beats, masterfully wielding turntables to create memorable experiences on dance floors across Massachusetts and Tampa.
Eager to refine his craft, Steven pursued formal education at Full Sail for the Recording Arts program in 2006. Armed with technical knowledge and a passion for innovation, he embarked on a mission to elevate the art of DJing. Steven’s commitment to excellence is evident in his high standards of professionalism and his unwavering dedication to delivering top-notch performances. His versatility shines as he effortlessly transitions from the world of nightclubs to larger-than-life events, leaving a trail of satisfied clients and ecstatic crowds in his wake.
Notably, Steven’s residency at XS night club in New Bedford, MA, stands as a testament to his prowess in creating electrifying atmospheres that leave a mark. Whether it’s mixing behind the decks or crafting melodies on the guitar and piano, Steven DaCosta’s dynamic presence in the music scene is a testament to his adaptability, artistry, and commitment to getting things done right.
With a wealth of experience and an unquenchable thirst for musical exploration, Steven DaCosta continues to push the boundaries of entertainment, leaving an indelible rhythm in his wake.

Our Current Prices

Our Summer sale is here, Get $200 off our packages!

Just Enough

4 hours of Full Services

$ 750
4 hours
  • Live Turntable Mixing
  • MC for Grand introductions
  • Custom Planning App
  • Modern Column Speakers
  • Wireless mics
  • Upllighting

A Little Extra

5 hours of Full Services

$ 950
5 hours
  • Live Turntable Mixing
  • MC for Grand introductions
  • Custom Planning App
  • Modern Column Speakers
  • Wireless mics
  • Uplighting

The Full Day

6 hours of Full Services

$ 1150
6 hours
  • Live Turntable Mixing
  • MC for Grand introductions
  • Custom Planning App
  • Modern Column Speakers
  • Wireless mics
  • Uplighting

Private Events Starting at

$ 125
  • Per hour price for those with simple parties or events

Dance Spotlights

$ 250
  • Add to your dance floor using 2 light up towers with moving spotlights on top.

Party Glow Sticks

$ 100
  • Take the party to the next level with light up glow sticks that everyone gets to take home!

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